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The performance is full of acrobatic elements. The poetic story is accompanied by two grotesque clowns in stylish costumes. You will have a unique opportunity to see the connection of aerial silk acrobatics, power acrobatics and juggling skills.

The performance “Acrobatiko”, as the name suggests, is a great showcase of various artistic pieces. Through aerial acrobatics, juggling tricks and rope walking, artists of CTJ company will give you a unique experience and play a poetic story that spins your head.

The show represented the Moravian-Silesian Region at international festivals in Poland (Olawa, Opole) and many important cultural events in the Czech Republic.

  • Duration:

    40 minutes

  • Cast:

    Kateřina Krupicová, Leona Macurová, David Pargač, Aleš Podhorský, Jiří Krupica

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Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
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Czech Republic

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