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Theatro Oculus

Theatro Oculus

Join us in a mysterious world. In this world, moments full of surprises await you.

A mysterious world that is within reach. A giant pink elephant hovering over the heads of the audience, a one-eyed snail flying past you and an astronaut watching from afar. A wise, strange owl flickers in space and you might catch a glimpse of a confused reindeer, a giant colourful caterpillar or an extravagant mosquito. A hundred-year-old turtle in a flying balloon oversees the entire OCULUS.
  • Duration:
    90 minutes
  • Theme and artistic designs:
    Milica Peterková
  • Painting and artwork:
    Honza Fiala, Radovan Adamíček

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Cirkus trochu jinak

Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
Hlavní 34, 742 85 Ostrava-Vřesina
Czech Republic

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