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The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen
Young gentlemen who don’t sit still, that’s The Gentlemen!
The Gentlemen! A street romp between a bunch of young men who won’t let anyone in. And what the reason is, nobody really knows. It’s probably rivalry, keeping your place in the group and of course position, when there can’t be anyone better than me?! But… It won’t be about that in the end, because mutual inspiration and motivation between us can push our boundaries and possibilities. After all, rivalry and competition are part of life.
  • Author & Director:

    Václav Pokorný

  • Dance choreography:

    David Pargač

  • Duration:

    40 minut

  • Cast:

    Matěj Srovnal, David Pargač, Jan Vrbacký, Adam Holub, Filip Bezděkovský, Lukáš Bezděk

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