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On The Road

AcroBetka, a beautiful mime who is being fought over by two rivals will take you on an adventure to a different world.

A new circus show which combines acrobatics and comedy. A humorous yet thrilling duel of two rivals for the favour of their loved one – AcroBetka. During their travels across the dream world of new circus you will see many circus skills which will take your breath away – rope walking, aerial acrobatics (hoop, straps, cube), cyr wheel dance and more.

OnTheRoad successfully represents the Czech Republic at international festivals. The international premiere took place in Thessaloniki, Greece as part of the Elefante festival. Since then, the spectators could have seen the show at many cultural events in the Czech Republic as well as in many other countries like Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Slovakia.

Audience award at the IM Fest in Milan in 2019
  • Duration:
    50 minut
  • Dramaturgy:
    Václav Pokorný, Pavel Gejguš
  • Costume design:
    Milica Peterková
  • Cast:
    Alžběta Moravcová / Tereza Beranová, Lukáš Bezděk, Jindřich Kopidol

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