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It’s gym time

It’s gym time
The 80s ARE BACK! The energetic duo KoKo and LuLu and their gymnastic routine from the world championships in America. Acrobatics, juggling, dancing and a horizontal bar are the main elements of this new circus production.
The ambitious LuLu is constantly working on perfecting their performance and she hopes to go with the routine to an international space championship, which takes place in 2033. KoKo has a slightly different opinion on that matter and with his relaxed attitude and kind jokes often makes fun of Lulu. Eventually Koko falls for charming LuLu, who wraps him around her little finger.
  • Performers:

    Alžběta Moravcová, Jindřich Kopidol

  • Director:
    Václav Pokorný
  • Length:
    50 minutes

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