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What we do

Our main goals of all our activities is to educate the public in the field of new circus and street theatre, the development of the artistic disciplines as well as the involvement of the new circus activities in the social, cultural and educational field. We try to contribute to positive development in society, culture, interpersonal relationships and to support a creative approach to public space.
We create original shows, with which we perform all year round at cultural and social events throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.
We participate in the realization of many festivals and shows. We are especially very proud of CIRKULUM – an international festival of new circus and street theatre held in Ostrava.
We are engaged in educational and sport activities for children and adults as well as the organization of professional workshops and seminars with the best Czech and foreign instructors.
We bring together young talented people with passion for art, movement and who care about the society they live in.
We participate in non-profit and charitable projects in which new circus activities can be used for social or health purposes where it is needed – the so-called social circus.
At many events in the Czech Republic and abroad, we present the disciplines of the new circus and street theater to the public through an interactive supplementary program.
We are trying to build an adequate center for the development of a new circus activities in Ostrava. For this purpose, we founded a project that we named UmCirkum. UmCirkum can be described as a school for all those who are interested in contemporary arts.
We always come up with new projects and productions, which is always a challenge but also great fun for everyone.

Thank you for your support

Cirkus trochu jinak

Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
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