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Cirkus trochu jinak, z. s. (CTJ) is a creative, artistic art company that since 2006 designes and produces original new circus shows. 

We mainly focus on festivals, street new circus performances and production of delightful shows for families with children. Under the leadership of our experienced instructors we entertain children and adults og all ages.

Our team´s main priorty is: service quality, safety, satisfied clients and spectators and last but not least uniqueness of our projects and ideas.

We ourselves organise or help to organise international and local festivals. The professional team of CTJ also puts a lot of energy into educational and social work. The key educational activities include seminars, courses and workshops focusing on circus disciplines – juggling, aerial acrobatics, pair acrobatics, rope walking, cyrwheel, equilibristics, balance activities, etc. and their use in the social field (so-called social circus).

We run intensive new circus courses and workshops with renowned foreign instructors, international exchanges, suburban camps for children and seminars for beginners and advanced students. All these activities contribute to the professional development of all participants and their motivation.

Production team

Václav Pokorný


Nela Chamrádová

Production / Administration

Tereza Dibonová

Coordinator of CIRKULUM festival

Gabriela Barilla

Grant project manager

Jaroslav Podhorský

Head of technicians

Jindřich Kopidol

Technical supervisor

Lucie Šimíčková

IT specialist
Radovan Adamíček

Radovan Adamíček

Grafic designer, webdesigner

Leona Macurová

Educational courses instructor
Ondřej Ledvoň

Ondřej Ledvoň

Grant project manager / Production

Artistic Ensemble

David Pargač 

Lukáš Bezděk

Leona Macurová 

Václav Pokorný 

Radim Eliáš 

Alžběta Moravcová 

Nela Chamrádová 

David Hruboš 

Aneta Klimešová 

Jindřich Kopidol 

Adéla Jašíčková 

Patricie Žílová 

Viktor Georgiu 

Lenka Szilaši 

Honza Hlavsa 

Katka Krupicová 

Jiří Krupica 

Aleš Podhorský

Viktorie Georgievová

Petr Voříšek

Małgorzata Sikora

Natálie Marošová

Lukáš Kocich

In addition to the permanent production and artistic team, many volunteers and young talented artists also take part in our activities. Each and every one is an important member without which the company could not function at this level.

Thank you for your support

Cirkus trochu jinak

Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
Hlavní 34, 742 85 Ostrava-Vřesina
Czech Republic

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