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Education by Circus

We bring our children closer to the world of culture, sports, movement and art.

Social circus

Social circus is a dynamically developing form of work that uses circus art as a means to achieve positive results in the social and mental aspects of personality and motor skills.
With the Czech non-profit organization Duha, which has many years of experience in supporting and working with children from children’s homes, we carry out circus workshops with children from children’s homes using their existing artistic and sports skills. At the holiday camp for children from children’s homes, we practise a performance together, which is then performed at homes for the elderly, and also at municipal festivities in the region.

Culture at schools

International meeting, education and development week in Ostrava and Reykjavík. We have created joint performances for primary schools in the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Czech Republic and Iceland.
We have launched a joint project that will connect the cultures of the three countries: young fans of the new circus from Reykjavík (Iceland), Oslo (Norway) and Ostrava (the Czech Republic). In the spring of 2022, we will visit primary schools in the Moravian-Silesian Region and Iceland and introduce children to the world of culture, sports, movement and art. The performance “Just Try It” carries elements of the new circus and points to the issue of bullying at schools. We know from our own experience that the non-traditional world of the new circus breaks down barriers and this could help children break down their barriers and show them how to cope with problems concerning bullying or help them speak to their teachers or parents about it.

Non-verbal theater for preschoolers

We have created a play of non-verbal theater for preschool children, which tells a story about our nature and the environment and its relationship. This play will be performed in parks and forest parks in towns and villages.

Butterfly World – the world of children’s imagination is as fragile as butterfly wings, but we can fly wherever we want. The microcosm of insects is an accelerated analogy of the world of bipeds, i.e. us humans. Each pupa, caterpillar and butterfly plays its own important role in shaping the overall balance.

A new circus performance that is a gateway to a miniature world where even the apple comes to life and where the art of flying is a beautiful reality. Fragility, freedom and an infinite world of imagination. A show for little children and big children, that is, adults.

The performance was created in collaboration between the Ostrava production Cirkus trochu jinak and the Prague-based duo of acrobats and creators from Feel the Universe Circus Company. The music was composed by multi-instrumentalist and former member of the Prague Jazzphonic Orchestra Tomáš Jirák. Translated with (free version)

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Cirkus trochu jinak

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