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The CIRKULUM festival is the first international festival of its kind in North Moravia. The original concept of the festival that is so unique in Moravian – Silesian region, includes the presentation and popularization of artistic disciplines, such as new circus, dance, music, pantomime as well as street, movement and improvisation theater.

The festival takes place in the city center of Ostrava-Poruba, the urban area, which is an important world unique for its architecture (sorela). The center of this public space is Hlavní třída, a beautiful and spacious boulevard, which we are trying to turn into an art – beating pedestrian zone during the festival. Based on the legendary boulevard La Rambla (Barcelona), which is considered one of the centers of world street art.

We are convinced that the phenomenon of street art is a determining element of the cultural identity of the population and thus the development of society as a whole. That´s why most of the festival program is open to public and free of charge. CIRCULUM aims to help revitalize public space and motivate its inhabitants to take an active approach to the places where we live together.

The dramaturgy of the festival is based on interaction with the audience and is designed to attract audiences of all ages.

At the place of the festival you will find a big circus tent that is one of the main festival´s stages…..because that would´t be a circus festival without the big top, right? You can get here by foot, bike, car or public transport.

The CIRKULUM festival is organized by Cirkus trochu jinak company, in close cooperation with CTJ Art Production and the city district of Ostrava – Poruba. A significant financial support comes from the Moravian Silesian region,  the Statutory City of Ostrava, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic and the ČEZ foundation.

Thank you for your support

Cirkus trochu jinak

Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
Hlavní 34, 742 85 Ostrava-Vřesina
Czech Republic

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