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UmCirkum is a community center where new circus education and a new circus school are located, You can find it in the building of the former elementary school – V Zálomu 1, Ostrava-Zábřeh. Thanks to the support from the ČEZ Foundation and the Moravian – Silesian Region, we are gradually expanding and improving the training facilities of the circus school. In the future the school should be profiled as a shared creative space for new circus development, acrobatics and production projects for new circus and street theater. Also it should become a space where young enthusiasts and experienced artists from the Czech Republic and abroad meet together.

The umCirkum area includes a gym, a mirror hall and a room for acrobatics that has specific space requirements. From limited own resources, we regularly invest in the refurbishment of the entire umCirkum area, which, despite all efforts, is still provisional. For the full and effective functioning of umCirkum, construction modifications are necessary, the realization of which is significantly above the possibilities of financing from own resources. Therefore, we regularly maintain the center and make efforts to realize the UmCirkum project to the full extent, which will take our activities one step further in achieving our goals.

The basic aim of the umCirkum project is to develop and broaden the presentation of attractive physical activities of new circus as leisure activities especially for children and youth in the city and region. Seminars, workshops, daily clubs and suburban camps are focused, for example, acrobatics, equilibristics, juggling, rope walking, pantomime, improvisation or movement theater, parkour, trampoline jumps and many others.

All the disciplines taught have a very positive impact on the development of physical and psychomotor skills. They bring awareness to healthy lifestyles, they are deepening interpersonal relationships, strengthening family and social ties, developing motivation of children and youth for meaningful free time and preventing socially pathological phenomena in society . An integral part of the umCirkum project is involving talented creatives in new circus projects and shows as well as improving their skills within the Akrobatiko creative group.

Every year, over 300 people attend CTJ classes, while thousands of people take part in interactive educational programs within cultural and social events in the Czech Republic. The UmCirkum project – the platform for the new circus in Ostrava – has an international dimension, we actively cooperate with other organizations, including:

  • Teatr Formy (Poland)
  • A non-profit organization NEO (Slovakia)
  • Theatre „Z DIVIDLA“ (Ostrava)
  • SVČ Korunka (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory)
  • SVČ Ostrava-Zábřeh
  • DDM Český Těšín

The most important activities

  • a pantomime seminar led by Józef Markocký, director of the Polish “Formy Theater”
  • intensive acrobatic versatility seminars organized during the exchange stay of Czech and Slovak acrobats cooperating with theorganization of the Bratislava festival CIRKUL´ART (Non-profit organization NEO)
  • workshop “hand stand” and “hand balancing” led by Dutch lecturer Paul von der Maat (graduated from Tilburg Circus Academy from the Netherlands and now with his group B side company traveling mainly in France and teaching in the circus Nevermind)
  • workshop of creative cooperation within the CIRKULUM festival, which was realized as a joint project of Czech and Dutch acrobats and German group ALTREGO
  • acrobatic workshops led by instructors Leona Macurová, Michaela Aerial and Miss Eva Blue from Ultimate Dance Creations, currently organizing Circus Jams in Loods Roest in Holland
  • hoop aerial workshops (Alžběta Moravcová, Czech Republic)
  • cyrwheel workshops (Lukáš Bezděk, Czech Republic)

Thank you for your support

Cirkus trochu jinak

Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
Hlavní 34, 742 85 Ostrava-Vřesina
Czech Republic

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