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The Butterfly world

The Butterfly world

A child’s world of imagination is as fragile as a butterfly’s wings, but we can fly wherever we want.

The microcosm of insects is an accelerated analogy of the world of bipeds, i.e. us humans. Each pupa, caterpillar and butterfly plays its own important role in shaping the overall balance. A contemporary circus performance that is a gateway to a miniature world where even the apple comes to life and where the art of flying is a beautiful reality. Fragility, freedom and an infinite world of imagination. A show for little children and big children, that is, adults.

This performance was created in collaboration between the Ostrava production “Cirkus Trochu Jinak” and the Prague tandem of acrobats and creators from Feel the Universe Circus Company. The music was created by multi-instrumentalist and former member of the Prague Jazzphonic Orchestra Tomáš Jirák.

  • Performer / acrobat:
    Leona Macurová
  • Directed by:
    Mgr: Alžběta Tichá & Jan Jirák (Feel the Universe Circus Company)
  • Music:
    Mgr: Tomáš Jirák
  • Scenography & costumes:
    Lenka Jabůrková, Milica Peterková

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Cirkus trochu jinak

Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
Hlavní 34, 742 85 Ostrava-Vřesina
Czech Republic

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